Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everybody get's knocked down, how quick are you gonna get up?

Another great weekend and week... Ran a 10k to raise money for Habitat for Humanity (finished 5th in my age group), and just got done with my soccer game after bible study!  I love my small group ladies and my soccer team.  I feel more alive in my heart, soul, and body after hearing everyone's encouraging stories and then busting butt on the soccer field.

Something about defending a guy twice my size, getting straight run over, losing a few brain cells with a hard head knock to the ground, and jumping back up for more... I feel so blessed to be able to be active.  Thank you God.  It's late so that's all for now.  I will catch up when soon!

P.S. Praying for all the prayer requests heard in Bstud and everyone else on my heart.  Hope everyone is doing better.

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