Saturday, April 24, 2010

Exercising the body, heart, and soul...

It's been a busy wonderful couple of days... finally got back in the pool Friday morning at 6am.  Scott is doing the Alcatraz triathlon next weekend so went and swam with him!  Felt great to get back in the pool, even if it was at 6am.  Learned about the Alcatraz triathlon and looked at the ironman distances again,  it's just amazing what people can push themselves to do when they are motivated... 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike and a marathon (26.2 mile) run.  Right now I'm working on completing the International/ Olympic distance this year! (1 mile swim, 24 mile bike, 6.2 mile run).  I can do all those distances right now just need to practice brick workouts and time.  Also still need to get used to my bike! The gears sound a little weird on it so going to get the ironman to take a look.  So after 6am swim Friday participated in the always invigorating 2 hour spin class with Brad and Jenn.  If you want a good workout go to spin class!  Although I wouldn't recommend a 2 hour spin class for your first one you may throw up or pass out. ;) ps just got back from swimming again Saturday night! Love having a training partner well really he is training and I'm just swimming (until I sign up for a tri!)

 This morning did the Angels Among Us 5k with a group of friends to raise money and support Brain Cancer.  Put in the link so you can check it out.  The picture to the left is one of the little girls the run was in honor of.  It was a gorgeous run through Duke Gardens for a good cause so I couldn't complain about waking my butt up at 6:30am for it!  I'm finding the most gratifying experiences you can have are those you made a conscious effort and had to actually sacrifice something of yourself to do.  It's so easy to make excuses, I have laundry, I'm tired but if you actually get your butt up and do it you feel ten times better than you did before.  Still tired but you just think how much worse someone else has it and you took your time to help them out and ease that -- even if only a fraction and you just feel better in your heart and soul.  I have come to think of it as exercising your heart/ soul... sometimes it's hard to think of the things other people go through because you feel out of control and that you can't really help.  But you can, by prayer and just doing something little.  I need to open up my heart to those things more, and do more of these events and really think about what it is for... exercise my heart.  I don't want to be blind to the struggles of others.  I don't want to feel nothing and disconnected when I hear about someone's pain.  I feel like in our world we have become numb to pain, barely taking a second to think (and feel) what it would be like to be in that person's situation. 

After Angels Among Us then went over to Habitat for Humanity (yeah yeah overachiever) to help paint and spackle the inside of one of the houses.  Here is some info about the awesome new homeowner Pei-Shuan.  Pei-Shuan Murillo is a single mother of three: Quebin is 11 (June 15 birthday), Luz-Clarita is 5 (January 4 birthday), and Selena is 4 (October 15 birthday). She is from Taiwan and has been a citizen of the US since 2005. She is employed with the City of Durham in the Water Management Department. Hopefully this house will help her and her kids out!  While it isn't the most glamorous thing, I love that we actually use our hands to build something tangible that makes a difference.  Somthing someone will live in!! I've always wanted to do Habitat but never made the time... so here I am making the time a little more exhausted at the end of the day but at least I will take a nap with a smile on my face (and paint dried in my hair.)  Sorry if this is a little run on I really am pretty tired after this morning!  Til next time...... 

Love God. Love One Another. Love Our World.

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