Tuesday, May 25, 2010

EXTREME Triathlon

Well this was supposed to be the easy first triathlon of the season, just to help my friend get used to transitioning from swim to bike and bike to run but it turned out to be an exciting extreme triathlon.  As soon as the 8 o'clock start time hits it starts raining.  Luckily I am #66 and in the water at the beginning, as it turns out only the first 200 of 850+ women are able to start the all women's Ramblin Rose to benefit the Pretty in Pink foundation (new friend works for them so shout out!)

What ensues from the time I first hit the cold crisp chlorine water to the time I cross the finish line is chaotic for an assumed to be "easy women's triathlon."  I start the swim which is a serpentine pool swim, flip turning under pool lanes, pass about 5 women who I am sure am not happy with the fact I am constantly tapping on their toes to pass, then am out before 4 minutes have passed....

Run out to my bike, change, GU shot, wave at Mom and Dad already clearly soaked from the unpredictable weather, get 1 mile and flat rear tire!!  So I sit down at one at the turns with a new friend and 3 police officers and just wait to get help for bike repair or at least a way to get back to the transition area to find a new tire to change it myself. My new cop friends are interested in the triathlon gear I have, asking about my shoes and the bike, the lieutenant gets there and he authorizes one of the officers to put my bike in the back (it is a BAD bike haha) and I get a ride in my first cop car, thunder lightning soaked...  "Hi Mom and Dad what's up" as I get me and my bike out of the police car.

I run in the transition area try to find someone to fix my bike, get an extra tire (but it's the wrong size), talk to this one guy who is so impressed with my determination to do this he tells my parents later "She has great spirit"... I'm hoping that's a good thing because at the time I was pretty pissed (excuse my language) that I had a flat after swimming so well! Bike fail I decided to just start running... 650 people are still waiting around the pool as it monsoons, thunders, lightnings, so at least I get to do 2/3 of my triathlon.

 I run it's pouring my sneakers are squeaking with every step, I am laughing the whole way and saying EXTREME triathlon as we run through major mud, puddles, and I witness all the chaos of the whole day.  My friend didn't even get to do the triathlon they cancelled whoever didn't start although you had the option to bike and run.  What a crazy day...... I know some people would be angry or upset at the whole situation but I think it's a good thing I can laugh and really I just LOVED every minute of it! Easy women's tri my @$$! Can't wait for the next one! To make my friend feel better we went later that day and did our own triathlon in the gym... So I did do 1 and 2/3 (math geek!) triathlons Sunday!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My cup runneth over

I'm just soo happy with the effort the bstud ladies have put into our Race for the Cure team.  We have gotten the word out and it is slowly coming together and expanding beyond our small group to include others who have been touched and wanted to join in! I'm so excited to get all these great people together and sweat our butts off (attractive image ehh)! We are already 73% of the way to our goal and have a lot more people who are still joining and sending out emails to raise money.  The more people who join, the more I hear the stories of all the people who have been touched by this cancer and it makes it all the more worthwhile.  I am so grateful for S and the girls I have met, and am amazed at God's love that he brought me to such a great group that have encouraged me and helped me grow in so many ways.  My heart is forever changed for the better, and I know I met them at a time when I needed it most.  I know I am super cheesy but I can't help it, I'm filled with love it's actually sorta ridiculous.  My cup runneth over, I can't help but smile.  Each of the people I meet has the biggest heart, we aren't perfect- but together we encourage and lift each other up.  It's a great thing to be surrounded by encouragement and support instead of what we so often see- people wanting to control and break down others.  I'm thankful to be where I am and to continue to grow... 

PS Please help pray for three Samaritan's purse workers who were abducted yesterday in the Sundan.  Please pray for their safety.  Link below from one of our bstud members.

This song doesn't really go with my mood by I do love it and am going to see them!! whohoo

Monday, May 17, 2010

Topsail Turvy

The weekend goes a little something like this:  downloading music, "this is my heaven", hmm you think he is a real person or based his character off a real person- who looks just like him?, God is good, leave the drama to yo mama, 10 honks, backwards tshirt, inside out shorts, buyer's remorse, getting hit on at walmart, I'm too old for you, we're dorks but we're awesome, if they only knew, car pics, ghetto face = duck face, ruffles are magical, FUDGE, fatties, dinner on the water, wow I haven't wrecked yet, timed pics, do my abs make me look fat?, cartwheel contests, 1, 2, 3 JUMP, Sun-in, oil, 10 miles walking, Shae's Landing, Topsail Turvy, I am Indian... umm 1/36th, Conehead talk, Snorts, We don't make an event of going to eat, some of the most important things happen at the beach.... where you can see and hear God's love and awesomeness, thankful, Butter, Summer trips, BFFs, S and G, Fairytale beach & Fairytale weekend, photo ops, Calf muscle soreness from jumping, beach ppl watching, living at the beach with our dogs, puppies, Lawson cutest drooling baby at DQ, FRAPPE, My hair is overpowering my body, AWESOMENESS, If we never meet again, getting hit on counts as 2 honks?, addicted to yogurt, SUNSHINE = God's love, I feel bad taste-testing ALL the fudges, Friendship, Love the life you live!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Passion has a funny way of trumping logic...

Mike shared one of these videos with me for inspiration for my triathlon in 9 days...  To me a triathlon is all about passion, will, courage, and determination.  A combination of sports to test your limits and your mental fortitude.  Do you have what it takes?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

There's something about a good quote part II

There is in every true woman's heart a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity; but which kindles up, and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity. ~Washington Irving

Monday, May 10, 2010

I pray...

I have a lot of things on my heart, just overwhelmed with the sickness and pain inflicted on people's lives, whether it be from disease or from people.  I hate not being able to help or know my help isn't wanted but I can pray... 

I pray for healing for the sick and peace during pain.

I hope that when a person says love it is not just a four letter word, so easily said, but a feeling in the depths of one's soul.  A feeling that overflows and overpowers any selfishness, any deceit, any faults.  A love that makes you feel perfect in their eyes in the midst of all your faults. That brings you up and makes you better...

I pray for understanding, not just to know in my mind that all things work together for good, but to know in my heart that pain is not senseless, that the disease of the body molds us in some way to make us better for Him.

I hope for true change of heart for myself and others.  To feel the pain of others and not be numb, to know our action or inaction affects others, even strangers.  

I pray for friendship and to be open to anyone who would need someone to listen.  Please keep my heart and eyes open to those who need it, and not fear opening my heart and life for others.  

I pray for belief to believe all things are possible with you.  You can heal the body, heart, and soul.  No matter how black a person's heart may be with deceit and the harm they have caused on others, you can wash them clean.  No matter how broken a body may be, you can heal.  No matter how abused a heart may be, you can mend. 

I pray people treat each other how they deserve, and much more with love.  Help me to be an example of this, to love and give kindness.  Help others to be kind, honest, faithful.

I pray for these things because they are on my heart for others.  I pray and I hope with all my heart for your life to be washed, healed, mended and for happiness. 

I pray for you, stranger or friend, you have my love and my tears...

More like falling in love...

Weekend at a glance:  swimming, sushi, family, friends, loved, yuuuummmmyyy, moving, foulmates, tritraining, graceful falls, fix a flat, are you with phil? , roly poly, sunshine, pool, sammy, reconnection, bringing rollerblading back, lasertag bday, undercooked choc chip cookies, tanlines, bronzed beauties, happy, more like falling in love than something to believe in more like losing my heart than giving my allegiance, yaughts, DC, S and G , G hearts J, 750 meters, you almost married whose brother!! , ciders, fizzy wine, graduation celebration, hamburgers, CPA, cornhole, cookout, 1.98 gpa amazing, drugs are bad mmmkkkay, siiiissters, Marrwage, porcupines need love too, mirror pics are sketch, you lacerate everyone you come near, loud laughter, I love a guy who opens doors.... I will be walking through 15 doors today at this time, makeup, weddings, love, friendship, thank you Lord, Hosanna Hosanna, creepy guy, future brother, new family, new heart, new love, this is my JAMMM, almost having dreads, Butter, long saturdays, early church, beach bound, ocean-side biking, shiny oil, fresh strawberry jam, thats aggressive, Love the life you live, reading, peace, rest, love...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Bstud Race for the Cure T-shirt and New running song!

So this is the initial design for the shirt I'm making for the girls to wear for Race for the Cure!! I love being creative; now just have to start doing more with my photography and start posting :)  In case you can't read the back it's Psalm 139: 7-10.  We have memorized Psalm 139 for Bible Study (BStud)... reciting that in your mind works a lot better than counting from 1 to 10.

"Why try to be like someone else?
When you can only be yourself?
No one can sing the song you do, 
Be true, be Legendary you."

Make custom t-shirts at CustomInk.com

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I am the team captain and started a Race for the Cure team with my amazing small group ladies: BSTUD FOR BOOBIES. Our goal is to raise over $1,000 dollars to help find a cure for breast cancer!!  I will be racing for two of my good friends' moms who have had breast cancer and my friend who has a very high percentage chance of having breast cancer since almost every woman in her family has had it!  Click below to donate:

Let's FIND A CURE for our Mothers, Friends, Sisters, and the World.  I mean my creative team name in itself deserves a few dollars. ;)   Thank you for your support and GOD BLESS!!

Dedicated to all those who've lost the fight; and those who won't quit the fight.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baby Godzilla is on the move...

 love these kids with all my heart... My Goddaughter & Baby Godzilla.... Parker started crawling yesterday! "Gina watch this" while we swing, run, and they slide (and I get my butt stuck in the slide)  has been one of the highlights of my year.  Seriously I could prob add a billion pictures but I will try to restrain myself!  Can't wait to be a mother one day, one of the hardest/ most rewarding things in my opinion.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

This is War

Today's service was incredibly encouraging and I wanted to write briefly about it mainly to reiterate and really reflect over the message.  Christian life is war... it goes against everything that seems natural and the world today says is natural.  It's hard today to be a "child of light" when everything you encounter every second of the day is dark... Today JD spoke about why life is war and the Christian life is so hard. The world we live in is a dark place, not only is there death and murder but deceit and lying between loved ones every minute.  Christian life is hard because we are fighting against the current, where people today reason out why deceit and not telling the whole story aren't bad, the word says it is wrong in black and white.  Or other times our struggles are for our own good to teach us or others, or to shape our hearts.  Other times some senseless struggles are a result of the broken world we live in, and the fact this is only a broken temporary home.

The scripture shows black and white, but if we don't focus on the light and let the darkness invade the corners of light eventually that line between black and white will blur.  We have to fight against the darkness or else white turns to gray and gray to black.  This is War.

How do we engage in warfare?  If anyone knows me they know how easy going I am and willing to be fair and reason things out.  Being at War or truly fighting is foreign to me... the word has made simple instructions to engage in this warfare though.  The 6 different commands:

  1. Look carefully how I walk (Ephesians 5:15) - Pray and seek God to transform my heart so that I see everything as God would see it...
  2. Be Intentional (Ephesians 5:16) - In my every day routines I could make excuses every day of why I don't have time to just sit down and reflect.  I need to be intentional... any good relationship is built on trust, God, and truth;but to develop a relationship you must put in time to help nurture it and grow.  Why wouldn't I do that with the one who loves me the most, who knows my every fault and shortcoming and still is there saying I love you.
  3. Do not be drunk with wine but be filled with the spirit - The Spirit and "spirits" offer us some of the same things in very different ways.  People think alcohol/ drugs offer you peace, courage, escape, excitement by dulling your senses and offering a brief thrill while the Spirit gives you all those things by awakening you, filling your heart with those things for more than just a shot or two.  He awakens you greater than any depressant can do, gives you a peace, have courage because you trust Him, and excitement because you realize the width, depth, breadth of God's love.  If you have ever felt love and have it fill you so much you can't help but take care of that person and give to them... think of that tenfold for God.  It's hard for me even to comprehend.
  4. Address each other with Song - as you can already tell I love music.  When I share a song it is a refelction of my emotion.  I can be guarded at times (something I'm working on) but with music I just can't help but share what is on my heart.  When sometimes words don't open someone up a song can reach in places of my heart that I didn't know were there.  Everytime I am in worship I tear up... for those of you that know me, you know I don't want to cry or show vulnerability to people, but it opens my heart.  So share with others music that touches your heart you never know who may be listening.
  5. Sing that new song to others -  when you are filled with emotion and love, share it! Lately I've been posting songs that have touched me... not because I think someone may like it but because it touched me so much I couldn't help but share, maybe they will be touched as much as I was.
  6. Be around the people of God - Be close to the people of God so that you may hear their heart's song...  I can't say how much this has changed my life recently.  To have friends that are like me and think and feel the way I do.  I've been called idealistic and narrowminded for my beliefs in truth and what I felt in my heart to be right, and now I can point to the word and these people who are my support that can help me fight upstream and hold strong to that.  Also to hear each person's love and the bright life they have in them touches you... it means so much and makes you want to spread the love and encouragement.  

That is all for now time to begin another week loving, living, hoping, praying, and sharing my song.... My heart was so light this morning I went "twirling" like a kid... it actually makes you feel amazing to release any holds on being proper and act like a goofy kid twirling in the backyard.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Song of Prayer/ Prayer of Song

Heard this song in the car with S really love it! Reminds me even in times of stress or sorrow, or when chains of yesterday (as the song says) surround you, to keep my eyes on him and trust that I can handle anything with his love-- that the things I go through are for my good. Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  I am very thankful today for having S in my life, we were just saying today what perfect timing. :)  Love you!

Here I am Lord and I'm drowning,
In your sea of forgetfulness,
The chains of yesterday surround me,
I yearn for peace and rest.
I don't want to end up where you found me,
And it echoes in my mind,
Keeps me awake tonight...

I know you've cast my sins as far as
the East is to the West,
And I stand before you now 
As though I've never sinned
But today I feel like I'm one mistake away 
From you leaving me this way....

I know you've washed me white,
Turned my darkness into light,
I need your peace to get me through 
To get me through this night
I can't live by what I feel 
But by the truth your word reveals
I'm not holding onto you 
But You're Holding onto me...

Dynamic Duo Adventures begin!

Countdown to first triathlon: 22 days

Completed our first 32 mile bike ride today!! It wasn't that bad and hopefully doing 45 next week!! I'll finish this up later this weekend.  In the meantime grateful each day for my new friends, Bstuds, and my crazy triathlon people...

GOOD LUCK SCOTT!! Doing the Alcatraz triathlon today, I'm sure he kicked butt thanks to my fabulous coaching skills! :)