Tuesday, May 25, 2010

EXTREME Triathlon

Well this was supposed to be the easy first triathlon of the season, just to help my friend get used to transitioning from swim to bike and bike to run but it turned out to be an exciting extreme triathlon.  As soon as the 8 o'clock start time hits it starts raining.  Luckily I am #66 and in the water at the beginning, as it turns out only the first 200 of 850+ women are able to start the all women's Ramblin Rose to benefit the Pretty in Pink foundation (new friend works for them so shout out!)

What ensues from the time I first hit the cold crisp chlorine water to the time I cross the finish line is chaotic for an assumed to be "easy women's triathlon."  I start the swim which is a serpentine pool swim, flip turning under pool lanes, pass about 5 women who I am sure am not happy with the fact I am constantly tapping on their toes to pass, then am out before 4 minutes have passed....

Run out to my bike, change, GU shot, wave at Mom and Dad already clearly soaked from the unpredictable weather, get 1 mile and flat rear tire!!  So I sit down at one at the turns with a new friend and 3 police officers and just wait to get help for bike repair or at least a way to get back to the transition area to find a new tire to change it myself. My new cop friends are interested in the triathlon gear I have, asking about my shoes and the bike, the lieutenant gets there and he authorizes one of the officers to put my bike in the back (it is a BAD bike haha) and I get a ride in my first cop car, thunder lightning soaked...  "Hi Mom and Dad what's up" as I get me and my bike out of the police car.

I run in the transition area try to find someone to fix my bike, get an extra tire (but it's the wrong size), talk to this one guy who is so impressed with my determination to do this he tells my parents later "She has great spirit"... I'm hoping that's a good thing because at the time I was pretty pissed (excuse my language) that I had a flat after swimming so well! Bike fail I decided to just start running... 650 people are still waiting around the pool as it monsoons, thunders, lightnings, so at least I get to do 2/3 of my triathlon.

 I run it's pouring my sneakers are squeaking with every step, I am laughing the whole way and saying EXTREME triathlon as we run through major mud, puddles, and I witness all the chaos of the whole day.  My friend didn't even get to do the triathlon they cancelled whoever didn't start although you had the option to bike and run.  What a crazy day...... I know some people would be angry or upset at the whole situation but I think it's a good thing I can laugh and really I just LOVED every minute of it! Easy women's tri my @$$! Can't wait for the next one! To make my friend feel better we went later that day and did our own triathlon in the gym... So I did do 1 and 2/3 (math geek!) triathlons Sunday!

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  1. wow 4 minutes in the pool. Must have been a short distance. i wanna play !