Monday, May 10, 2010

I pray...

I have a lot of things on my heart, just overwhelmed with the sickness and pain inflicted on people's lives, whether it be from disease or from people.  I hate not being able to help or know my help isn't wanted but I can pray... 

I pray for healing for the sick and peace during pain.

I hope that when a person says love it is not just a four letter word, so easily said, but a feeling in the depths of one's soul.  A feeling that overflows and overpowers any selfishness, any deceit, any faults.  A love that makes you feel perfect in their eyes in the midst of all your faults. That brings you up and makes you better...

I pray for understanding, not just to know in my mind that all things work together for good, but to know in my heart that pain is not senseless, that the disease of the body molds us in some way to make us better for Him.

I hope for true change of heart for myself and others.  To feel the pain of others and not be numb, to know our action or inaction affects others, even strangers.  

I pray for friendship and to be open to anyone who would need someone to listen.  Please keep my heart and eyes open to those who need it, and not fear opening my heart and life for others.  

I pray for belief to believe all things are possible with you.  You can heal the body, heart, and soul.  No matter how black a person's heart may be with deceit and the harm they have caused on others, you can wash them clean.  No matter how broken a body may be, you can heal.  No matter how abused a heart may be, you can mend. 

I pray people treat each other how they deserve, and much more with love.  Help me to be an example of this, to love and give kindness.  Help others to be kind, honest, faithful.

I pray for these things because they are on my heart for others.  I pray and I hope with all my heart for your life to be washed, healed, mended and for happiness. 

I pray for you, stranger or friend, you have my love and my tears...

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