Sunday, May 2, 2010

This is War

Today's service was incredibly encouraging and I wanted to write briefly about it mainly to reiterate and really reflect over the message.  Christian life is war... it goes against everything that seems natural and the world today says is natural.  It's hard today to be a "child of light" when everything you encounter every second of the day is dark... Today JD spoke about why life is war and the Christian life is so hard. The world we live in is a dark place, not only is there death and murder but deceit and lying between loved ones every minute.  Christian life is hard because we are fighting against the current, where people today reason out why deceit and not telling the whole story aren't bad, the word says it is wrong in black and white.  Or other times our struggles are for our own good to teach us or others, or to shape our hearts.  Other times some senseless struggles are a result of the broken world we live in, and the fact this is only a broken temporary home.

The scripture shows black and white, but if we don't focus on the light and let the darkness invade the corners of light eventually that line between black and white will blur.  We have to fight against the darkness or else white turns to gray and gray to black.  This is War.

How do we engage in warfare?  If anyone knows me they know how easy going I am and willing to be fair and reason things out.  Being at War or truly fighting is foreign to me... the word has made simple instructions to engage in this warfare though.  The 6 different commands:

  1. Look carefully how I walk (Ephesians 5:15) - Pray and seek God to transform my heart so that I see everything as God would see it...
  2. Be Intentional (Ephesians 5:16) - In my every day routines I could make excuses every day of why I don't have time to just sit down and reflect.  I need to be intentional... any good relationship is built on trust, God, and truth;but to develop a relationship you must put in time to help nurture it and grow.  Why wouldn't I do that with the one who loves me the most, who knows my every fault and shortcoming and still is there saying I love you.
  3. Do not be drunk with wine but be filled with the spirit - The Spirit and "spirits" offer us some of the same things in very different ways.  People think alcohol/ drugs offer you peace, courage, escape, excitement by dulling your senses and offering a brief thrill while the Spirit gives you all those things by awakening you, filling your heart with those things for more than just a shot or two.  He awakens you greater than any depressant can do, gives you a peace, have courage because you trust Him, and excitement because you realize the width, depth, breadth of God's love.  If you have ever felt love and have it fill you so much you can't help but take care of that person and give to them... think of that tenfold for God.  It's hard for me even to comprehend.
  4. Address each other with Song - as you can already tell I love music.  When I share a song it is a refelction of my emotion.  I can be guarded at times (something I'm working on) but with music I just can't help but share what is on my heart.  When sometimes words don't open someone up a song can reach in places of my heart that I didn't know were there.  Everytime I am in worship I tear up... for those of you that know me, you know I don't want to cry or show vulnerability to people, but it opens my heart.  So share with others music that touches your heart you never know who may be listening.
  5. Sing that new song to others -  when you are filled with emotion and love, share it! Lately I've been posting songs that have touched me... not because I think someone may like it but because it touched me so much I couldn't help but share, maybe they will be touched as much as I was.
  6. Be around the people of God - Be close to the people of God so that you may hear their heart's song...  I can't say how much this has changed my life recently.  To have friends that are like me and think and feel the way I do.  I've been called idealistic and narrowminded for my beliefs in truth and what I felt in my heart to be right, and now I can point to the word and these people who are my support that can help me fight upstream and hold strong to that.  Also to hear each person's love and the bright life they have in them touches you... it means so much and makes you want to spread the love and encouragement.  

That is all for now time to begin another week loving, living, hoping, praying, and sharing my song.... My heart was so light this morning I went "twirling" like a kid... it actually makes you feel amazing to release any holds on being proper and act like a goofy kid twirling in the backyard.


  1. I LOVE this post, Gina! So much truth to this!! It is a constant war for Christians, I never thought of it that way! We go against almost everything that the ¨world¨ claims to ¨make sense¨. xoxo

  2. JD is a wonderful pastor!! Believe me every Sunday he just speaks the truth and makes it so simple to understand. I probably left a lot out but this is the main things I noted from the service! A lot of things people do don't make sense to me and I used to feel I was idealistic but I realized there's a reason my heart feels the way it does toward bad things. :) <3 you girl!