Monday, May 17, 2010

Topsail Turvy

The weekend goes a little something like this:  downloading music, "this is my heaven", hmm you think he is a real person or based his character off a real person- who looks just like him?, God is good, leave the drama to yo mama, 10 honks, backwards tshirt, inside out shorts, buyer's remorse, getting hit on at walmart, I'm too old for you, we're dorks but we're awesome, if they only knew, car pics, ghetto face = duck face, ruffles are magical, FUDGE, fatties, dinner on the water, wow I haven't wrecked yet, timed pics, do my abs make me look fat?, cartwheel contests, 1, 2, 3 JUMP, Sun-in, oil, 10 miles walking, Shae's Landing, Topsail Turvy, I am Indian... umm 1/36th, Conehead talk, Snorts, We don't make an event of going to eat, some of the most important things happen at the beach.... where you can see and hear God's love and awesomeness, thankful, Butter, Summer trips, BFFs, S and G, Fairytale beach & Fairytale weekend, photo ops, Calf muscle soreness from jumping, beach ppl watching, living at the beach with our dogs, puppies, Lawson cutest drooling baby at DQ, FRAPPE, My hair is overpowering my body, AWESOMENESS, If we never meet again, getting hit on counts as 2 honks?, addicted to yogurt, SUNSHINE = God's love, I feel bad taste-testing ALL the fudges, Friendship, Love the life you live!

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