Monday, June 14, 2010

Bstuds are famous!!

Thanks to Em's Dad we found out our Race for the Cure team was in the newspaper! See the right side under the names! 

Saturday was great experience, loads of people out there for the race and everyone did a great job on the run even in the SERIOUS humidity.  Oh and everyone loved the shirt I designed, even got the guys to wear them! One of our members was running after just having her baby a few months before, the little man also joined us on the run in his stroller!!

Oh and let's give it up for the USA! Congrats USMNT and Clint!! My Mom called and texted me bragging that she was "at the Dempsey's house when Clint Dempsey scored in the World Cup... AWESOME!"  I think she was excited what do you think! I know Beth must be proud!!

PS Training has begun: 5K in high humidity Saturday morning, then 35 miles biking Sunday morning... feels good to be sore again after Italy :)


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