Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello Charlie

Inspired by my new red leather jacket that I just had to get in Rome (thanks E for helping convince me)  I have decided to become a Charlie's Angel.  I know I know I have no idea how to shoot a gun or even make the appropriate Charlie's Angel pose with the hands (failed attempt to the left).  Today I will fix that with the help of Marine M... what a brave man for taking on this arduous task.  Today will determine if I can achieve my life long aspiration of Angeldom...  Charlie I hope I make you proud! ;)

To find out if Gina achieves the infamous title of "Angel" or shoots her foot off tune in next time...........


... and so it was a SUCCESS!! I had a great instructor learned to load and all the ins and outs of gun safety and shooting!! We shot a 40 and 9mm gun.   I now even have my own membership to the shooting range. I'm sending the following pictures in to Charlie as evidence of my superior marksmanship, and proof he should beg me to join his angels.

I call this one "I bet if someone sees this on my fridge they won't steal my grill again."

and this one is "X Marks the Spot"

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