Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dear Gina, continued

1. Routine for School: As far as school the main thing I did to get through it (besides working my butt off) was make sure I was organized!! I know it comes easier for some than for others but as far as staying organized I used 3 ring binders for EVERYTHING!  Also whatever you need to buy to make organizing fun... do it.  Some nerds (aka me) like everything from tabs to highlighting etc...  Also get some people around you who you can work well with.  God made us all different, we all think differently and each have different talents and ways of thinking.  So don't feel bad if you can't figure it out yourself, ask questions and work through it.

School's most valuable lesson is learning HOW to think and not just to memorize. :) 

2. Workouts: Quite a few people have asked me about what types of workouts I do.... I LOVE training for something, whether it's a Race for the Cure 5k or an Olympic triathlon.  Working out is fun but if you have that extra motivation such as a race you will stick to your training.

My favorite workout lately is Spin class... for people asking how to lose weight or fat that is what I always recommend.  It is a kick-butt cardio that burns the most calories in an hour or 45 mintues.  Anywhere from 400-600 calories! And it tones your whole body.... Jenn is my favorite instructor (shout-out!) 

3. Diet: Right now I don't have a set diet.  I don't really eat fast food, and don't really drink soft drinks.  I think the main thing to do if you don't have a set diet and you want to start watching what you eat just start jornaling.  It's amazing how many calories etc are in foods and what bad stuff is in food!  If you start journaling and just look at what you eat for a month or two that will give you a better idea of what kind of things you are putting into your body and how you can change it to feel better and ultimately look better. 

4. Attitude/ Motivation: The most important thing for me is motivation and attitude.  You have to stick with something and not give up.  A couple girls have asked questions and then gotten frustrated when they haven't lost weight or even gained weight! STAY  WITH IT! You know what you are doing is good for it and believe me YOU CAN DO IT!!!   

A good attitude will help you get through anything.  Last night I spent a little while writing down motivational quotes and bible verses that spoke to me and put it on a big mirror I purchased.  I wanted to wake up every day and see those quotes/ verses and smile.  Start the day off right, in the right mindset and it's amazing what a difference it will make.  

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  1. Very helpful Gina! You are such an uplifting person!