Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Purpose in the Pain

A post off of J.D. Greer's Blog... I've never been able to express as well as JD has why there is pain and suffering in lives and why bad things happen.  It was a devastating day for Summit family, but he expresses better than I could that there can be purpose in the pain. For the full blog go to http://www.jdgreear.com/

This has been a bittersweet day of reflecting on the promises of God with these families. Trevor and I sat for a while and talked about our sufferings in light of God’s words in Romans 8. Our sufferings are real, our cries of pain are real. But we weigh our present pain against the glory that God is working through that pain; a glory that will outweigh (though it is hard to believe sometimes) all the suffering that we endure in the present. Paul says that we now “groan  in anguish” like a woman in childbirth. Our groaning is real, but it is not a groan of despair. What’s the difference? Imagine you are in the hospital and you hear cries of anguished pain coming from a woman in the next room. Does it matter what is causing the pain? In one sense, no, because pain is pain…but if the woman is travailing in labor it is a pain shrouded in joy; while if she is dying of cancer it is a pain of despair. The Apostle Paul says that all of our present pain is like the pain of childbirth… Yes, we genuinely hurt, but the glory God is bringing forth in us and through us, for the age to come, makes ours a light and momentary affliction.
We love our Summit family, and when one of us hurts, we all hurt. To the Atwoods, the Youngs, and the Henns, we love you sincerely. We will get through this together.
Death and pain put the joy of salvation in sharp relief.

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