Thursday, August 26, 2010


Sorry I've been so MIA!! Between celebrations every weekend and working/ recovering during the week, my days have been full! There's me dancing in our awesome house the other weekend!

So what's been going on... Fall Soccer has started, although it still feels like summer.  Our first game was especially exciting since I was smart enough to do sculpting that morning, then spin and swim before my 9:45pm game!  Then we didn't have any female subs.  I was almost at exhaustion into I just got to the point of deliriousness, and just ran my butt off til the end.

Weddings/ Bachelorette Parties/ Celebrations! So many things to celebrate lately, love in definitely in the air ;)

What WILL be going on.... was supposed to be going to NYC again this weekend but the prices are up so I will have to wait :(  Besides that Olympic distance tri-training is on-going.  Hopefully I can catch up from all this celebrating!

Big changes may be happening in the next year... But I will reveal as it unfolds.


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