Thursday, September 9, 2010

What could be better

What could be better than a short week and traveling to the beach with friends!! Can't wait to head to the beach to support B in her triathlon and just spend some time with some awesome ladies. Going to bring my new camera to try and practice action photography... put this bad@$$ camera to use.

But besides that Fall 2010 BStud has started... looking forward to learning more about our potential service project working with a group that houses pregnant women/girls and helps them adjust to becoming a mother or the adoption process.  Ideas of things to do with the girls?  Thought maybe in October carving pumpkins, cooking pumpkin pie, something like that?

Training this week has kicked my butt managed to actually wake up and run, two not so favorite things: 1) waking up super early 2) running (more like love/hate).  Helped Jenn lead Spin class last night since she is about to pop with her baby... I was the "model" showing good "form."  But it was good practice to try to figure out if I want to get certified to teach one day.  It really is harder than it looks, screaming while you yourself are working out and out of breath, and trying to stay on the beat when half the class is rhythmically challenged! :P Definitely woke up this morning feeling every muscle in my body- it's probably weird that I LOVE it!

I will share pictures once I get back of any good action shots from B's triathlon!!

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