Monday, October 18, 2010

1 mile swim, 30 mile bike, 6.2 mile run

I did it!!! Finished my first Olympic triathlon in Pinehurst this weekend!!

My splits were:
30 min swim
1 hour 45 mins bike
61 minutes for the run

It was a real test at the end, I hadn't trained as much for this one but had already paid.  My IT band has been disliking running so just decided to not run for 2 weeks before the race and just see what happened! By mile 4 I shouldn't have been able to run, there was a lot of praying at that point ;)

The swim was my first open water swim. sighting the next buoy and making sure you don't get kicked in the face were just some of the adventures!  I loved it and soo proud of Bethany and myself.  Thanks for everyone who came to watch and support it meant SOOOOOOOO much! Especially when it was COLD at 7:30am.  

So I reached my goal and realized most things are mental, you can psych yourself out or you can go out and do it.  I just kept telling myself that if someone else can do it so can you, and I've been through much harder things in the past, what's a little 3 hour 24 minute workout that I do some nights anyways!

I am soo glad I did this, and am reminded each time I challenge myself and accomplish my goal how great it is!  Also thanks to the Big guy for helping me get through the run and the pain.  B.C. we are BEASTS ;)

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