Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

They say you should begin the year how you want to spend the next year... what's better than grilling out and bubbly with someone who makes me laugh and the sweetest dog ever.  Can't wait! Resolutions hmm guess I need to figure out some new goals for the new year.  Last year's resolution was to leave the past behind and catch up on enjoying myself and meeting new goals.

  •  I ended up becoming more involved in my church, talked to God more, found a small group where I got to know a great group of girls while helping the community. 
  •  Completed my first Olympic triathlon, figured out my love for biking long distances, learned to deal with injuries and push through.  
  • Helped plan and celebrate many marriages, including my little sister's.  Realized again what real love is and was reminded how people treat each other when they truly care.  
  • Traveled to Italy with my good friend and saw how the Italians do it.  Saw the beauty in an area so different from where I have lived and was able to experience a different culture and see the history all around me.
Worked hard, played hard, gave to others.. laughed more than cried, and grew a lot from the previous year.  That's all you can ask for to get better each year.  I'm so grateful for the past year, it was a growth year.  To build muscle you work out so hard that you actually produce microscopic tears that when you rest grow back together stronger.  This year was like that rest, grew back together stronger and ready to accomplish even more this next year!

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