Friday, February 18, 2011


So my test has been pushed back to October so I am able to have a life again (at least for a little bit!)  Thank goodness because this weather is too gorgeous to not enjoy.  That being said the last couple weeks have been great:

1. Went on my third ever snowboarding adventure.  Slowly getting better, working on my toe-side and trying to lean forward instead of back like I do wakeboarding.  Used to being on the water since birth so it's an adjustment when I get on the snow since everything is backwards.  So fun though and lucky got to celebrate Sonia's 40th birthday with her.  PS West Virginia roads are scary... anyone hear the banjos in the distance? Good thing C-rad is an expert driver and a bad @$$ in jiujitsu. :P  Maybe one day I will be going down the trick course with everyone else.  Below is the sunset one night from the condo.

2.  Mountain Biking.  I bought clip-in shoes and got back out on an EASSYYY single-track trail, Lake Crabtree.  It was a lot more fun, still fell a few times and got some scraps and bruises, but it was a lot better than going on 286 my first time ever.  The clips are still an adjustment though.  Here's a picture of  Crabtree trail (not me)..

3. Birthdays & V-day:  All around the beginning of February is Birthdays galore, my brother-in-law's, my dad's then mine (TOMORROW!!)  Also mixed up in there is Valentine's, which I usually forget about until I see flowers everywhere.  This year was one of the best V-days ever I was really surprised C cooked the best dinner ever complete with strawberries and hot fudge and 3 orchids.  Beautiful, unique flowers, and each one requires different care.  I'm trying my hand at having a green thumb, maybe I can get some of C's green thumb rubbed off on me.   Flowers are a lot better when they are living and I like learning about the flower and taking care of it! (hopefully it likes me taking care of it)  I have named it Orchikawa (it is a Bak. Samurai Warrior after all).  Below is my beautiful new baby.

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  1. Snowboarding sounds fun... just recently went skiing for my first time in the Pyrenees and loved it! Can´t wait to go back to Andorra next time! Loving your posts! xx