Wednesday, June 1, 2011

King of Adhesives

Interesting weekend for Memorial! Headed to the Rivah and poor Andy proceeded to have the worst luck I've ever seen.  Sliced foot, hooked finger, dented corn-hole board, day in the ER :(  But on the bright side we all learned a valuable lesson from the weekend........ Duct tape is the KING of all adhesives.

I know I know everyone has been saying for years the usefulness of this tape of wonder, but who is to believe it until they have first hand experience.  So what may you ask was the first hand experience:

1. It fixed a 35 year old holey sail.  The man being a master of all things mechanical (or should I say bachelor of science in all things mechanical engineering?) dragged out an ancient hobbie cat and actually got it to work with the help of duct tape of course.
 2.  It created a waterproof/ sand-proof barrier for poor Andy and his stitched up gash on the bottom of his foot.  Oyster shells are no joke.  He has participated in MMA fights and said shots of lidocaine in his wound is the worst pain he's ever felt. Ouch.  But at least as a consolation prize he received his very own afghan from Grandma Hicks!!

It is now officially summer...... HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!!