Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to use Utensils for Dummies- Weekend Sidenote

Before I get into the rest of Adventures from the Asheville weekend...  An important sidenote for food!

I'm a girl, I like food, but even more than just food I LOVE breakfast foods. Case and point this old blogpost: Made with Love,  I probably have an unhealthy addiction to eggs, and could probably eat breakfast for dinner the majority of the week if C didn't roll his eyes and insist on real dinner food. But despite eye rolling I have managed to be lazy and eat hard boiled eggs a lot for dinner lately when I've been too lazy/tired from Forged Fitness to cook. Needless to say BREAKFAST at a Bed and Breakfast is what makes it or breaks it for me... and boy did they deliver.

Being a Bed and Breakfast virgin I wasn't really sure what to expect, and from the happy hour the night before I definitely was out of my element with all the cute antique whatchamacallits throughout the house.  Antique teapots, crystal utensil holders so you don't dirty the linens between courses, butter holder (this is probably not the correct name for it), tiny teacups and scone holders..... I felt like it was my first day of "Learn to be a Lady" Etiquette school.  All I can think is crap I JUST NOW learned how to properly use a fork and knife at the same time and not look like I am stabbing something with my awkward left hand.  C may disagree... Who knew I can athletically and for the most part gracefully play a large number of sports BUT make me cut steak and figure out how to get the steak from my plate to my mouth without awkwardly twisting my hand or switching hands is almost an awkward disaster.

So surrounded by Southern Frill here comes the food:

Saturday Morning:

  • Apple cinnamon muffins with four berry preserves - yum (no utensils required yay)
  • Baked plum with yogurt and granola 
  • Scrambled eggs with organic spinach and parmesean with homemade biscuits and gravy
Sunday Morning:
  • Scones of some type.  At this point I wasn't even listening to his description but knew it was going to be fantastic so I was more focused on it making it into my mouth.
  • Fresh fruit
  • Banana Foster Waffle with pecans and fresh whipped cream with real maple syrup and crispy bacon - (luv ya like a fat kid luvs cake)

Sidenote complete, I must be hungry...

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