Thursday, September 20, 2012

Live Aboard

There's quite a few topics I could write about since I've been slacking for a year like.... my ridiculous attempts to model  for AtomicCowlick (not to be confused with "attempt to be a model" I have no delusions of being a rail thin waif who can go more than 5 minutes without making an unattractive goofy face for the camera); my first triathlon (without training) after a year and a half hiatus; my new love in my life our doggy Gypsy (aptly named); or describing my slight panic attack at 65 feet underwater in Cozumel.  BUT I'll leave all those for another time.  Today I want to talk about the latest obsession that has spread from C's neighbors to C to me, despite my attempts to logically talk myself out of it.............. SAILING.

Oh and not JUST sailing LIVE ABOARD (not to be confused with live abroad), I'm referring to selling all your belongings, buying a 38-40+ foot catamaran and taking to the high seas to live, work (if you can figure out what to do), and use a thousand gallons of sunscreen a month.  When C first mentioned it I thought this obsession would pass, the benefit of dating someone with A.D.D. being they always keep you on your toes with their current main interest, but it didn't, and slowly I also grabbed onto the idea with my singular focus and spent at least a whole day researching boats, forwarding boats for sale, and contemplating if I could still be an Environmental Engineer in a boat?  I mean could I? All I need is the internet and phone to communicate and research.  Damn you C for spreading your obsession... I hear misery loves company so here are a few reads to make you understand what it's all about: BumFuzzle, Windtraveler, and LifeRemotely.

People have their animals, children, etc and sail all over the world, mostly stay where it's warm.  Everything is a good idea when you abstractly think about it, but could I really LIVE on a boat, spend every day in the sun  reading, working, travelling.... I'm pretty sure anyone who is asked that question would say hell yes sign me up.  But could you go through your stuff and sell everything?  90% of me thinks I could....... I'm not really attached to "stuff," I have a lot of "stuff"- a whole townhouse full in fact, but I don't use 99% of the things in my house that wouldn't be on a boat.  I work, go to the gym, and am only home maybe 25% of the week.  [yes I just threw out a whole slew of percentages-- it's how my math brain works bear with me]  I think the only hard part would be not having people around to communicate with besides C and the pups.  Don't judge I talk to and FOR the pups.... It's a completely endearing quality I possess where I imagine what any animal (even snail) is saying and have to say it outloud.

I guess the big picture questions can wait though as I try to remind C.  Let's get down to the details and steps:

  • Do you get seasick? This is probably an important thing to find out before you build a dream around living on a boat.  I've grown up on water, been skiing since age 5 but I hear the rolling water is completely different.
  • Can we sail a boat?  We took the first steps to figuring this out this past weekend.  Mr and Mrs Ishbrandtsen took us out on their AWESOME 45foot Hunter Monohull.  This was my first time on a BIG sailboat. Sorry little 14foot catamaran you aren't blue water capable.  It was definitely an awesome experience and gave us experience for what it would be like hours on the water.  Afterall it would take a month to 5 weeks just to get to Virginia to Florida so you better like being on a sailboat.  The only downside to a monohull is it rolls from side to side (heeling).  Try sleeping while the other person sails when you are rolling off the bed...  (Pictures from the experience throughout)
  • Sailing lessons-  this is in the works for next year probably.
  • Chartering a Catamaran in the British Virgin Islands-  This is my number 1 interest at the moment.  You can charter a boat for a week with a captain and co-captain and can sail as much or little as you want with them! 
So that is our latest obsession... in the works for 2018.  Good 'ol 5 year plan as soon as C raises the moola to buy a boat. :)  That's all for now...... leave a comment for what you would like me to write about next, as it's hard to narrow down all the experiences I've had lately!


  1. i totally used to have this plan to live on a boat and do my consulting from warmer climates. it might happen one day, let me know when your plans come to fruition!

  2. I shudder at the thought of selling all my toys (mountain bike, snowboard, wakeboard, whitewater kayak, etc.etc.) and lack of ability to play with those toys, to do only ONE hobby/lifestyle, don't know until you try, huh? totally love "The most dangerous risk..." pic that C-rad put up! Another quote: "The things you own end up owning you" -Tyler Durden (Fight Club).

    1. Don't worry we are totally bringing the bikes on the boat! How else are we going to travel around the islands :D

  3. Hey Gina, I grinned as I read this... OMG a boat? Living on the water, sailing and seeing new sights... HELL YES! What an exciting and nerve-racking process, but I think you and C are a perfect match for such an adventure. My mom sailed often and it was definitely a special time to be with her on the boat... great times! Look forward to hearing more about your adventure (or should I say adventures) on the blog!

    xoxo- Rebecca

    1. That's exciting you sailed with your mom! I'm sure we will have many more on land adventures until C either can afford a boat or we figure out it may not be possible (sea sickness etc).

      Thanks for inspiring me to write again!

  4. P.S. - you are an amazing model having fun and enjoying life... it totally shows!