Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Adventures of G n' C - Asheville Edition

This past weekend me and C visited Asheville to make use of his work's VERY generous 2011 Christmas gift of a weekend at Black Walnut Inn Bed and Breakfast (left) and tickets to Biltmore House.  Now most people who have grown up in North Carolina do not consider going to the mountains and seeing the Biltmore an adventure.  It's pretty much a staple event in elementary school (back when it was allowed to go on school field trips)... you all pile in the bus and away you go to see this big house.  In elementary school we are more concerned about who we are sitting next to in the bus ride there than the history of the house and what it took to accomplish it SO needless to say I got a little more out of experiencing Asheville this time.

Now that I'm adult (in age only) the trip there is definitely NOT the exciting part although I am in awe that first time you turn the corner and see the mountains looming in the distance.  Sadly I didn't go to the mountains a lot growing up, my parents are/were teachers so school year was filled with school activities and in the summer we were always on the water, Rivah or Lake.  So even though  North Carolina mountain trips should have been a staple of my youth growing up, it wasn't and the mountains are still something new to me (good and sometimes bad).  Overall I loved the trip, but I have to be honest I hate freaking hilly winding roads.  After my wreck last year I think I've gone into ultra sensitive mode around cars so yea anywhere where it's necessary to have runaway truck ramps pretty much makes me have final destination flashes.  Yes yes overactive imagination... Sorry C, you are a very good driver and patient enough to deal with me cringing randomly in the passenger seat for the hour it takes to get down and up the mountain.

Not only is the drive an "adventure" for me... but we also made the most of the trip and crammed as much activities into the days as we could. (Well except for that first night where C decided vacation was an excuse to go into a coma.) First stop was Catawba Falls... although not the most famous falls in the Asheville area, it was on the way and broke up the drive a little bit on Friday.  This was my FIRST hiking to see a waterfall and the pups did great.  Gypsy is a straight mountain dog, if you can claim a 14 pound jack russell to be a mountain dog.  She claimed (peed) every mile of that trail there and back and led the way the entire time.  Who knows maybe she was a mountain dog prior to our rescue of her.  Leuca and I were not as graceful... screw the rock jumping let's just splash on through the water.

1.5 miles later we were there squishy shoes and all.... Pictures surrounding... Aren't our girls cute?  And of course C risked life and limb for a good shot of him balanced on the old damn over the river at one part of the trail.  (We really need to update that will of yours babe.)

My first waterfall - CHECK. Adventure #1 Complete. 

 From there we ate downtown for a super late lunch at Mayfel's that had some pretty delicious French donuts for an appetizer, checked into the Bed and Breakfast, let them stuff us with hor d'oeuvres (I hate spelling this word) and wine, stood in awe at the awesomeness of our room in the Carriage House, then C passed out for 13 hours while I watched Miss Congeniality and Salt, mixed in with trying to be annoying so he would come out of his coma (to no avail.)  I guess I can't blame him with a cute little dog snuggled in his neck (right). 



  1. Really enjoyed reading this and seeing the pix during my "dinner break"!!!! :-) and yes, Conrad is THEE most daring (or maybe just fricken crazy!) person I know!!! That B&B is GORGEOUS!

    1. Glad you enjoy it! The B&B was gorgeous see my other post about the Breakfast which was really just AWESOME... I'm not even exaggerating :P