Friday, October 19, 2012

Bride of Frankenstein Halloween Tutorial

So as you have probably seen on facebook by now (I apologize for the massive photo explosion of our outfit and makeup but it was first time doing special FX makeup and I was pretty darn proud of myself) we dressed up as Frankenstein's Monster (not to be confused with Frankenstein who was the DOCTOR) and Bride of Frankenstein.

There were a few stressful moments in the creation IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!! but all in all the makeup and outfit turned out pretty well for newbie to the blood, stitches, and bruising arena.  So I know I said I would give step by step instruction and I WILL I just don't have pictures to go with each step (boo) since I was a little stressed and had to rush to get ready so I could get to C's house to see his parent's and help him get his shat together I didn't have time to take progress pics.  That and my hands were covered with fake flesh and gel blood ewww...

So first I will start with BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN.  Strangely this was the harder transformation mainly because I wanted to still be semi "pretty."  Conrad on the other hand was just painting basically, easy peasy to make him look like a grotesque monster (jk love).

So I'm never been that fabulous at doing hair. As C and other friends will probably attest to I rarely take the time to brush, much less straighten, curl, or do anything slightly creative with it.  The joy of having it as long as I have it now is that it is so heavy it can no longer achieve FRO status as it did back in the day of curly curly fro hair.  (I have pictures and no you can't see them)

So for the hair I went to Sally's (careful ladies this place is dangerous) and gathered supplies: three hair donuts, teasing brush, crimper, bobby pins (A LOT) and Volumax Freezing Hair Spray!

First I crimped my whole head to give it some texture and that wavy/crimpy Bride of Frankenstein look she had in the movies.

Second I took the three hair donuts and put a wad of hair at the crown of my head through the donuts and bobby pined the donuts together and to my head.  With the hair that is coming out of the donuts you pin them down around the donuts to provide stability. Gotta have everything stable when you are boogieing to the Monster Mash right?

After you have the donuts in place, start closest to the bun and section off a layer of hair to bring up and around the top of the mound and pin the the other side.  REPEAT ALL AROUND YOUR HEAD, leaving the hair in the very front of your head for last so you can leave this relatively smooth and you can see the crimp design.  OH YES GOOD TIP: TEASE AT THE ROOTS CLOSEST TO THE BUN FOR EXTRA SUPPORT. This will suck to get out later but nothing an hour of soaking conditioner won't cure...

Later I also spray painted my hair black to make it a little dark for contrast with the white extensions.  After the black dried I then pinned in white hair extensions (99cent at Party City) and kept pinning them in a "S" shape.

And you are DONE With the MONSTROUS HAIR!

This was the the difficult part for me.... The use of spirit gum and fake flesh (or this could also be called modeling wax/putty).

1. APPLY SPIRIT GUM AND FAKE FLESH In some of the tutuorials I watched they applied the spirit gum and wax/fake flesh onto their skin after their makeup.  But being type A and reading the fake flesh instructions it said "apply on clean dry skin" I decided to do this step prior to doing my foundation and other makeup.  Besides I didn't want to screw up this part and mess up the rest of my makeup TRAVESTY! 

Mark on your face with red eyeliner pencil where you want the cuts to be on your face.  I opted for a cut slashing through the eye shown in the picture to the left.  I would have added more but had time constraints. 

Once you have marked where you would like the cuts apply spirit gum over the red lipstick pencil as well as your eyebrows to smooth them down for later steps, while the spirit gum is drying take out the fake flesh and create a long doughy snake that will go over the area you have marked for your cut/scar (channel your inner 5 year old with playdoh people!) Once the spirit gum is tacky to the touch apply the fake flesh snake over the scar.  Blend in the edges so that the raised "flesh" blends in to you skin on both sides.  Leave the raised middle portion this will be where we will create a cut through the middle with sharp scissors or a knife. 

If you have time to order Modeling Wax/Putty online I would do so... the fake flesh from Party City is a little hard to work with and didn't want to be molded or cut as easily as the good stuff would in my opinion.  Once I had both fleshy wounds on I left them alone. 

Once the spirit gum is tacky on your eyebrows smooth down your eyebrows so they will be easy to cover with concealer   The point of this is so later you can draw on a little more dramatic eyebrows as shown in the photo to the right.  

The main trick to this is the spirit gum or you can use a glue stick. There are plenty of tutorials online for this and thank goodness I watched some because this was probably the HARDEST PART. Thanks to my Dad, me and my sis have nice thick eyebrows and hair, so it took a while to tame those suckers down so that they were smoothed out enough to conceal.  I used a white concealer stick from cover girl to conceal my eyebrows.  They weren't completely gone but as you can see in the picture you can use your eyebrows as the new eyelid crease which is supposed to be shadowed dark to blend in and mask your real eyebrows. 

You are going to look strange and don't freak out if the spirit gum/ glue won't complete stay down at the front of the eyebrows because you will start drawing on your eyebrows starting from your real eyebrow at the inner corner. 

AFTER YOU APPLY FOUNDATION all over your face and some light powder... I used black gel eyeliner and small eyeliner brush to create my freaky electrocuted style brows.  Follow your natural eyebrow until you reach about half way where your eyebrow naturally has a arch.  Instead of following your natural brown arch up DRAMATICALLY as shown. 

Now that you have your scars, devlish eyebrows, base foundation/ powder (if you want), it's time for some color, contrasting, and highlighting!! I first started with contrasting... use black or grey matte eyeshadow to brush on places on your face where your face naturally draws in, and use white shimmer eyeshadow to highlight where you face naturally protrudes.  SEE DIAGRAM BELOW I also shadowed in my collarbones to make me look a little more drawn in and made of dead people like.

Make sure to highlight between your real brow and your new drawn in eyebrow as well.  Also don't color over your fake flesh scars where it is raised.   To contour along your scars put a little grey eyeshadow, purple, reds, and a little brown along the base of your scars and blend outward to give it more dimension.  Just play around until you get the look you want and you can use the photos above as inspiration! I also used a little purple and red under my eyes to give the dead/ freaky Bride look but this is up to you. You can add as much or little eyeshadow you like but it will help blend in your natural eyebrows if you color in with a dark color from you eye crease to your natural eyebrow.  

Once you have the color on you can add on eyelashes (OPTIONAL- I used demon maiden from Sally's top and bottom lashes), dramatic eyeliner on your eyes and lining your lips, and add some red lipstick.

You are ALMOST DONE!! The final step is to add some blood into the scars on your face and create the infamous neck stitches that the Bride of Frankenstein is known for. Since the neck is shadowed anyways I chose NOT to use the fake flesh again because of time constraints.  Instead I did followed these steps for hte neck stitches:
  • draw on in red lip-liner where your stitches will be.  If you are having a hard time making it even on either side look face on in the mirror and draw two dots on either side of you neck to connect.  Create one line down the middle of your sternum into your cleavage.
  • next use the same eyeshadows you used on your face for contouring your scars on your neck.  I used darker purples and browns closer to the scar and lighter blended red and purple further away.  Again play with it! 
  • Here comes the fun part gel blood! (You could do this after creating the stitches but I did it afterwards.) I got gel blood from Spirit Halloween, it turns solid once it is dry so that was useful since I didn't want her blood dripping. I'm not a zombie...
  • Take the gel blood and use a cue tip or end of one your eyeshadow brushes to put gel blood into the scars on your face and along the center of your neck wounds
  • After the gel has solidified take your gel eyeliner again and draw tiny Xs over the neck wounds all over.  You can also put a little brown eyeshadow at the ends of the Xs to give it some 3D depth and look like the skin is bruised where the suture was made. 
YOU ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!! 
Now that you are done with you makeup and hair throw on a sheet or old wedding dress, find yourself a Frankenstein Monster and MONSTER MASH!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Makeup

2011 Halloween
Halloween is coming up and our first Halloween party is this Friday... which means I have now become OBSESSED with planning out me and C's makeup and costumes.  That's right C will be wearing makeup..... which is not really an uncommon occurrence. (Within the first month or so of us dating I had TWO occasions to dress him up and put black "guyliner" on him.)  Again with the laser focus once I get my mind on something I am full speed ahead planning and perfecting my plan of what I want to do.  This is a curse and a blessing at times, because I just can't wait to actually do it, and keep thinking I need more makeup and costume details that I probably really don't need.

2010 Halloween Costume #2
I love to dress up and play a different character for a few hours.  I tend to be an introverted extrovert --  meaning I'd like to think I could be the life of the party when the mood strikes but most of the time I live in my head and internalize.  Socializing too much just wears me out and I need to have a day to read, chill, and do things I want to do.  BUT something about dressing up and pretending allows me to be more outrageous and express myself better than I normally might.  It's easier for us introverted extroverts to express ourselves online or in writing or what we wear more than being extremely outspoken and blunt.  Must be why I love Halloween.

2010 Halloween Costume #1
I don't want to ruin my next post that will be the step by step documentation of 2012's Halloween Costume. But I thought this post could showcase a few past makeup looks and costumes, as well as some of the wild and crazy images from Atomic Cowlick since this was a GREAT opportunity to pretend I was a bad@$$ rocker chic and a very scary hungry Halloween horned creature (hah!)

  • Wonderwoman and Clark Kent - this outfit was fairly simple.  Basically took half of a 4th of July bathing suit, red corset, red fishnets, and kids cape for the basics of the outfit.  Then had to get a little creative by gluing together gold fabric purchsed from a local fabric store onto a plastic sturdy material to make the crown, arm bands, and belt.  Then used red similar fabric for the stars.  Put on some big eyelashes, blue eyeshadow, and some red glitter and BAM look complete.
  • The year previous we had two halloween parties - first was black widow, second was pimp with the big bad wolf.  Both I had the costumes already the only difficult part being spider webs on the face for the black widow outfit.  

Now for wild and crazy AtomicCowlick looks here you go! To see more CLICK HERE

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


My goal for this blog is to at least write once a week.... however I didn't specify to myself the length and depth that would be required.  (loop hole for myself whohoo)  Soo this post won't be that in depth since I'm feeling slightly lazy and the only other thing on my mind is triathlon training and scheduling this month's fun weekend events! Triathlon training could have a blog for itself... oh wait it does! Justin is leading this one up so go on over and check it out sometime (make the poor guy happy he's a hit whore.)  
So yes back to what the blog is actually about: S.A.P. no that does not stand for Socially Awkward Penguin, and I didn't even make that corny acronym up, it is actually on  SAP for me is Super Affectionate Person..... which I am not normally super giddy and sappy and just a love struck fool BUT every once in a while it hits. 

Okay ladies just imagine you receive these at work with this note for the 2 year anniversary.  Okay so it's not a real 2 year anniversary, because I'm not really sure when we really started referring to each other as girlfriend and boyfriend (why are there no check yes or no notes anymore?)  BUT it was 2 years since our first BLIND date thanks to our good friend Andy.  He figured two engineers and biking lovers would get along well enough! Well he was right... I have never been my dorky, nerdy, silly all the time self as much as I am with this man.  Probably because he is even worse than I am.  

So flowers at work = SAP, grinning ear to ear, must brag about my guy because he deserves it mood.  Thankful for this man, his fear doesn't stop me attitude that pushes me to do things I might not accomplish by myself, his silly nature, his passion for what he thinks/believes (hello soapboxes), and just being a best friend and more. 

SAPPINESS OVER. You can stop your eye-rolling and gagging.  THE. END.