Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Makeup

2011 Halloween
Halloween is coming up and our first Halloween party is this Friday... which means I have now become OBSESSED with planning out me and C's makeup and costumes.  That's right C will be wearing makeup..... which is not really an uncommon occurrence. (Within the first month or so of us dating I had TWO occasions to dress him up and put black "guyliner" on him.)  Again with the laser focus once I get my mind on something I am full speed ahead planning and perfecting my plan of what I want to do.  This is a curse and a blessing at times, because I just can't wait to actually do it, and keep thinking I need more makeup and costume details that I probably really don't need.

2010 Halloween Costume #2
I love to dress up and play a different character for a few hours.  I tend to be an introverted extrovert --  meaning I'd like to think I could be the life of the party when the mood strikes but most of the time I live in my head and internalize.  Socializing too much just wears me out and I need to have a day to read, chill, and do things I want to do.  BUT something about dressing up and pretending allows me to be more outrageous and express myself better than I normally might.  It's easier for us introverted extroverts to express ourselves online or in writing or what we wear more than being extremely outspoken and blunt.  Must be why I love Halloween.

2010 Halloween Costume #1
I don't want to ruin my next post that will be the step by step documentation of 2012's Halloween Costume. But I thought this post could showcase a few past makeup looks and costumes, as well as some of the wild and crazy images from Atomic Cowlick since this was a GREAT opportunity to pretend I was a bad@$$ rocker chic and a very scary hungry Halloween horned creature (hah!)

  • Wonderwoman and Clark Kent - this outfit was fairly simple.  Basically took half of a 4th of July bathing suit, red corset, red fishnets, and kids cape for the basics of the outfit.  Then had to get a little creative by gluing together gold fabric purchsed from a local fabric store onto a plastic sturdy material to make the crown, arm bands, and belt.  Then used red similar fabric for the stars.  Put on some big eyelashes, blue eyeshadow, and some red glitter and BAM look complete.
  • The year previous we had two halloween parties - first was black widow, second was pimp with the big bad wolf.  Both I had the costumes already the only difficult part being spider webs on the face for the black widow outfit.  

Now for wild and crazy AtomicCowlick looks here you go! To see more CLICK HERE

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